Trophy river perch caught in Alligator River

Discussion in 'Fishing News' started by Dean, Mar 30, 2016.

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    Phil Bolton caught this fish while casting lures in the mouth of a run-off drain in the upper reaches of the South Alligator River in the NT during a recent trip. The fish was initially identified as a juvenile black jewfish but closer inspection revealed it to be a "little jewfish" or "river perch" (Johniops vogleri).

    The river perch is in the same family as mulloway, black jew and teraglin. It occurs across the top end and is reputed to be quite tasty. According to Grant's Guide to Fishes, it grows to a maximum size of 300mm. Phil's specimen, which was released after this pic was taken, was about 450mm - a trophy river perch!
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    nice Perch

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