Lobster Habitat

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    Lobsters walk inshore to spawn when the water becomes cool. For me that means between the months of July and December, with September–November being the prime time. They are shy reef dwellers that hide in caves, crevices and kelp beds during the day, coming out to browse under cover of darkness. Therefore the best lobster reefs have all three hidey-holes. They need not be large reef complexes either as it’s the edges of a reef that are more productive than the tops because it’s the edges that contain the deepest caves and crevices. The reef should be broken, with channels of sand and fingers of rock as these have the longest edges. Broken reef in close proximity offers maximum edge length and it’s an edge that is most likely to have crevices and caves. It is generally held that lobsters are most active during dark nights, although my own records don’t seem to definitely point in that direction.

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