Aussie Anglers commonly used fishing slang

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    bandit – kingfish approx. 90 to 100cms

    blackie – Luderick
    blade – thin profile, vibrating metal blade lure mostly used for bream and other estuary fish
    blurter – Trevally
    bommie – an isolated pinnacle of reef that rises significantly from the bottom often to just under the surface
    bonnie – Australian Bonito
    Bung – usually the rubber plug/s under transom but can mean live baits like yellowtail
    chopper – small Tailor
    croc – very large flathead over say 70

    donut – catching the donut-shaped ‘0’ amount of fish during a session
    eggbeater – spinning reel
    EP – Estuary Perch
    flouro – monofilament line made from fluorocarbo
    flowerpot – Red Rock Cod
    frog – flathead
    gelspun – alternative name for braided line

    ghost – Mulloway
    GSP – alternative name for Gel Spun braided line
    GT – Giant Trevally
    hard body – molded or carved casting lures usually made from plastic or wood
    hoodlum or hoodie – large kingfish… there’s no specific size but usually reserved for fish over say 10-15kg or over 100cm
    horsie – Slimy Mackerel
    inker – Squid
    jack – Mangrove Jack
    jacket – Leatherjacket

    Jew – Mulloway

    Jewfish – Mulloway
    Kingie – Yellowtail Kingfish
    lizard – large Flathead
    mack – mackerel
    metal – short hand for metal spinning lures, like chrome slices

    mully – mulloway, often referred to as in other states
    noah – slang for Noah’s Ark or SHARK!
    PE – alternative name for braided line
    pig – Rock Blackfish
    pinkie – small Snapper
    placcy – short hand for soft plastic lures
    poddies – poddy mullet… very small mullet sometimes used as live bait
    popper – a hard bodied lure that is skipped across the surface by troll or cast & retrieve.
    queenie – Queenfish
    rat – small kingfish around or under legal size
    red – snapper
    Rubber – Soft Plastic Lure
    sambo – Australian Salmon or sometimes, Samson Fish

    Secret silver – Mulloway

    Silver – Mulloway

    Slab – Mulloway
    Skinny – Queenfish
    Slimy – Slimy Mackerel

    Schoolie – Intermediate-sized Mulloway often of reproductive age and under 10kg.

    Soapie – Juvenile Mulloway say under 45/50cm.
    SP – soft plastic lure
    spot X – a common name for any fishing spot someone wants to keep secret (& not permitted in posts – Mods)
    Stick Bait – Long thin soft plastic lure
    stripey – Striped Tuna
    SWFF – Salt water fly fishing
    Trev – Trevally
    vibe – a hard-bodied, fish-shaped, bibless lure with a vibrating action, often used for bream and estuary fish
    Wand – Fly Rod
    yakka – Yellowtail Scad… a commonly used small baitfish
    yellowtail – confusingly either Yellowtail Scad (baitfish), or sometimes Yellowtail Kingfish (that eat the baitfish)

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